Velge Aktiviteter

Are you wondering what activities you would like to take part in? Here is an idea of what might interest you.


ENKELFor those of you interested in paddling for the first time why not join:

Friday: Multi crafts day where you can try out lots of different boats.

Saturday and Sunday: Grunnkurs


MIDDELSFor those of you who have done the Grunnkurs and want to develop towards the teknikk kurs; you guys might be interested in the following:

Wednesday / Thursday evenings: Teknikk trening

Thursday: Greenland paddling

Friday: Rolling

Saturday/Sunday: Teknikk kurs


KREVENDEFor those of you interested in becoming an activity leader, we offer activities to support you.

Wednesday: Coaching

Thursday: Navigation

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Aktivitetslederkurs


3* Guys:

Wednesday / Thursday evenings : Teknikk trening

Thursday: Navigation / Greenland paddling

Friday, Saturday and sunday: BCU 3* training and assessment


EKSPERTFor the 4* leader aspirants:

Tuesday: Personal Skill Training Day

Skills in 4* conditions

Wednesday: Incident management

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 4* Leader training and Coastal Navigation






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